How Much Does it Cost to Move Overseas?

The cost of a standard door to door international relocation is calculated as follows.

Services at Origin:

Payment of Packing and Wrapping materials.
Packing Labour costs.
Creating an inventory and condition report.
Loading and delivery to store.
Consolidating/Loading into a shipping container.
Loading and delivery to port.
Preparation of shipping documentation and lodgement with the shipping company.

Shipping Services:
Payment of all shipping costs.
Payment of transhipment costs.
Payment of all landing fees.

Destination Services:
Collection from port and delivery to store.
Lodging documentation with customs and quarantine.
Clearance through customs and quarantine charges ( excludes inspection fees and ancillary charges)
Delivery to residence (first floor only)
Unloading, and placement in your home.
Unwrapping, unpacking onto bench tops and clearance of all packing materials.

Insurance is normally calculated at a rate of 3.5% of the insured value, with a $500.00 excess.

Service options include depot to door, door to depot, depot to ship side, door to ship side, and depot to depot.

By far the most popular option is the door to door service.

For further information regarding your overseas relocation please contact us.


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